Buy-Side Services

CDA’s Buy-Side Services are divided into three categories:

  1. Corporate Development Services
  2. Management Buyouts
  3. Private Equity

Corporate Development Services

Consider CDA your outsourced corporate development department. Most middle market companies cannot afford or justify investment in a corporate development staff. We provide corporate development services to client who desire to grow through acquisition. Those clients generally have revenues in excess of $20 million. They simply need a seasoned professional to help them find and successfully acquire a quality business. After the acquisition, they may not acquire another business for a couple of years, at which time they come back to CDA. In the meantime, we monitor potential acquisition candidates for the client in case one should decide to sell. 

CDA provides the following corporate development services:


  • Serve as an advisory board member to help management build value
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Preparing acquisition growth plans
  • Identifying potential acquisition candidates
  • Initiating discussion with candidates to determine their interest in selling
  • Maintaining contacts with potential acquisition candidates
  • Developing a value on the client’s company and any acquisition candidate
  • Analyzing the financial implications of any potential transaction
  • Negotiating the terms and conditions of a transaction
  • Outlining and managing the due diligence process
  • Developing a package to secure funding for a transaction
  • Managing the transaction process.

Contact us to discuss how CDA can assist you with your corporate development efforts. To inform us of your acquisition criteria, please complete the Buyer Registry.


Management Buyouts


CDA also works closely with management teams desiring to acquire the companies they manage. Sometimes the business owner asks us to assist the management team. In many cases, the management team does not have the necessary funds to fund an acquisition. We assist the management team to negotiate a transaction with the current owner and help them to secure the private equity and/or mezzanine capital to complete the transaction.


To learn more about how CDA can assist you in acquiring the business you are operating or if you need us to help your management team acquire your business, contact us.


Private Equity Buyers

CDA aids private equity firms in identifying quality businesses to acquire. We willhelp you find a new platform business or an add-on for an existing platform. Your acquisition criteria are important, and CDA encourages you to complete our Buyer Registry. This information will allow us to introduce opportunistic situations we become aware of in the market.

For private equity firms that desire a more proactive approach, we suggest you consider CDA’s Corporate Development Services where we will undertake a targeted acquisition search. If you would like a proposal regarding these services, please contact us.